Elan Dubro-Cohen

"The illustration (Layer 10) within this book looks like the number eight. It is not. It is the infinity symbol, for this is the first time a Human must start a thinking process that has no beginning and no end. Look at the illustration, for it's also a rainbow. Did you know an actual rainbow is a circle? There is no beginning or end of a rainbow. It is not an accident that the artist saw this shape and color when it came to illustrating this layer. It is the profound belief layer, unending in its potential and, like the rainbow, cannot be contained, separated, or itemized. It is truly a quantum effect. A color is about to be painted on someone's intent."
Kryon (Book 12 - The Twelve Layers of DNA - pg. 190)

"Look at the illustration (Layer 11), for in the middle there is a flower. It's the only illustration of this kind. It's soft, inviting, and welcomes you to share it. The only exception is the last one, and it is a flower also - the flower of life."
Kryon (Book 12 - The Twelve Layers of DNA - pg. 199)

"The illustration (Layer 12) associated with this layer is again like a flower. I called it the flower of life, but that's not official. It's just a phrase that indicates that this illustration is not abstract. It's something real and you can almost reach out and touch it. This golden flower seems to never end. Even outside of the frame, you can see it continues on and on, it's beauty larger than you think."
Kryon (Book 12 - The Twelve Layers of DNA - pg. 210)

The 12 DNA Layers Illustrations

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